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 Commercial Center Community Alert   Commercial Center Community Alert 

Commercial Center Community Alert


To: 953 Sahara, 900 Karen, 967, 957 Sahara, LVAC, 7-Eleven,  2595 Maryland Pkwy Albertsons Plaza, Chevron,

Design Concept Furniture, Bank Of America, Mcdonalds.

Commercial Center Business & Property owners this bulletin is to inform you of several important events that have affected business as a whole, and have possibly caused millions of dollars of revenue loss at the Commercial Center in the past few months.  Immediate action is needed on your part instructions to follow.

As president of Commercial Center Business Association part of my job is to constantly monitor our public image, and make sure we as a whole are portrayed in a positive light. I have achieved this now for nearly 2 ½ years with a series of press releases, website, billboards ads, flyers and a successful marketing plan.  People say it’s the best the shopping center has looked for years, this is due to the fact the Association paid for cleaning, painting, security guards and group advertisement, costing over $120,000 in two years all money donated from business owners, just like you. For nearly a decade prior to 2007 the public image had become tarnished for various reasons, increase of graffiti, crime, trash, gang activity, homeless, prostitution on the street, to name just a few. If you would like to see the shocking before photos come to the office.  A 100% decrease in assistance from Clark County and several property owners also caused many business failures and a decrease in new businesses opening.

Please be informed of the following and the severe impact of these activities

2003 Redevelopment agency created with powers of Eminent Domain (powers to close commercial center and take its land to give to developers, forcing all out of business without proper compensation) Commercial Center is main target in study stating the shopping center is nuisance to community when in fact at the time over 150 reputable business were operating and only a few were targets for Bad press and questionable activities.

2003-2009 Clark County Redevelopment collects over 11 million per year in taxes to buy up commercial center property and force many out of business, that means you, yet in 2007 Commissioner Chris G. States Clark County is broke and cannot afford to buy Center even one new stop sign. 

2008 Redevelopment agency gains deed of parking lot, and cancels trash pickups, street sweeping, removes A frame signs and states they are cheaper than the county and spending money at commercial center is a waste of taxpayers’ money

2007 Commercial Center makes requests to fill pot holes, replace lights, stripe parking lot, and replace old signs. 2008 County Nearly 2 years later fills a few requests

2009 January 28 Las Vegas Sun Reports Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani Makes request to Close Redevelopment Agency, and disperse its 35 million in holdings to the State, yet again shorting the business owners at Commercial Center

2009 January City life magazine publishes article cover story “Commercial Center is One of Las Vegas’ Most quirky Vibrant Treasures. Paula Sadler requests story July 2008. Best press in twenty years to date!

Feb 2- 2009 Review Journal Columnist John Smith States Commercial Center is Sleazy (meaning all 150 business owners) it’s not fair all businesses should be judged as Sleazy because a few businesses are considered inappropriate to others. This statement is gossip and a gross misrepresentation of the entire plaza. Quote from article”  “Last June, sex club operator David Cooper ran into a county steamroller after he failed to appropriately prepare his "restaurant" called Sextasy in the sleazy Commercial Center. The county shut him down.”

Please Call Review Journal Editor to complain about being called Sleazy unless you think its okay! 

  Editor Thomas Mitchell tmitchell@reviewjournal.com  Phone: (702) 383-0261

Columnist John Smith smith@reviewjournal.com             Phone: (702) 383-0295

Ask them for a retraction and tell them you don’t appreciate being called sleazy, but if you think your business is sleazy you can thank them, I don’t think you will, they must get letters and calls to fix this I have a form letter you can use to sign and send in. How will you get new customers if the review journal says you are sleazy?

Call Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani and demand to removed from a blight status and public notice made that states Commercial Center Business Association and Business Owners have revitalized the commercial Center. And tell them you are not for Eminent Domain and that the redevelopment agency was a do nothing agency that only siphoned off valuable tax dollars and achieved nothing, and while so doing, did not help the current situation in fact made it worse through neglect.  Your letters are needed so that in the future if redevelopment should get going you are paid fairly and fully for relocation regardless of you lease or other conditions. If you read the 100 plus page Study the relocation guide is shortchanging all business owners.

Chris G. Contact Info: Home Tel: 702-366-1663     Office: 702-455-3500

Request a refund of the special assessment made to Business Owners in 2003 for poor work done in the parking lot, which is supposed to be fully paid for by the County, and moreover at that time the economy was strong and tax revenues were at an all time high, which could have easily paid for the improvements.

On The positive Side We have adopted the new name, yet another reinvention we are no longer using The District At Commercial Center in an Agreement with The District At Green Valley Ranch as of October 2008, it will take several more months to finish the conversion, changing listings etc.

The Commercial Center District “World Village” Press Release to follow 702-737-3478

www.commercialcenterdistrict.com Updated website to follow

New Blog Site www.thedistrictatcc.com coming soon

We are holding an open house In April, if you would like to donate gift certificates these will be used to raffle and raise money, please contact the office 702-791-2368

We are receiving a second year in a Row Grant from Nevada State Bank, please contact Vice President Jay Hiner Community Development to Thank Him, and inquire about New accounts for your business they are receptive to growth at Commercial Center. Please mention CCBA Jay Hiner Office:

Commercial Center Historic Society is created to preserve the Heritage of Commercial Center and its Legacy. Non-profit status in process.

If you are not yet a member of CCBA your help is needed. We are the only and hardest working organization within the Center that is directly helping you, now for 2 ½ years, some said it could not work, but it has worked. If you are not a member just by reading this bulletin you can see a lot of behind the scenes work has been done to save the Center and thus keep all our doors open and safe from government and other abuse. We have been innocent victims of bad press, government neglect and abuse from several hostile property owners, some owners have been helpful others have tried to close the association, and silence me for no good reasons, only personal. Do not allow your businesses to be taken from you, you have rights, constitutional rights and many of you are immigrants now citizen’s stand up for your new American Rights now is the time!

Commercial Center Business Association 953 E Sahara Ave E-11A

To Join Call 702-791-2368   

Paula Sadler President & Founder

“As a Minority and Women Business Owner I understand your rights and needs and will fight to protect them and deliver results you can count on, I am here for you”

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 Complaint of John Tippins, Sean Posner, Northcap Commercial, Pos   Complaint of John Tippins, Sean Posner, Northcap Commercial, Pos 
The Following is a letter of complaint by President of Commercial Center Business Association of The Historic Commercial Center District. This letter was sent to various media outlets, and the public to inform them of the business practices of John Tippins Northcap Commercial and Sean Posner of the Posner Group. Northcap.com and Posnergroup.com. Various Social Media pages, reviews and postings of this complaint have tried to be suppressed. At this time the situation that follows has been resolved as of 1/30/2018, By Clark County. Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani was contacted and complaints to code enforcement have been filed by property owners and business owners affected by poor management of 955 E Sahara within the 953 E Sahara Historic Commercial Center. The Land has been cleared of all structures and graded, fenced and will be used as a temporary staging area for a maryland/Sahara construction project for the next few months At this time Mr John Tippins and Mr Sean Posner have not reached out to apologize for their lack of prompt attention to a serious situation on their land. I have personally of behalf of the neighborhood association reached out to them over the years and in the recent months never receiving a call back. This story goes back to to the time of the redevelopment agency when Developers and Clark County Redevelopment Agency were trying to pursue Eminent Domain as a tactic to unethically obtain The Commercial Center and surrounding area by Buying tracks of land and tearing down buildings and causing blight, and total withdrawal of public services in such as graffiti removal, dead brush removal on public land within our plaza. It was a nightmare for all of us, and the redevelopment agency was taking our taxes over several years only to use it against us, and they were only offering partial relocation reimbursement, at the time hundreds of fine longstanding Las Vegas small businesses were at risk of losing it all. So at the time Redevelopment was working hand in hand with Mega Developers who they were tight lipped about and did not inform the public who they were. This posting is for public information purposes to inform the public of the Actions taken by Paula Sadler to protect her business and The Entire Historic Commercial Center Neighborhood. This complaint is about John Tippins of Northcap and Sean Posner of the Posner Group who are hurting our Historic Neighborhood of 953 E Sahara The Historic Commercial Center District by neglecting their 5.85-acre parcel lot at 955 E. Sahara Ave that is on the East side of our lot at 953 E Sahara connected by our shared 18-acre parking lot. I wanted you to know the unethical and hurtful practice by evasion of responsibility and multiple Clark County Code Violations and Violating our Community Neighborhood Association standards. Thank you for your consideration. http://flcompanydb.com/company/L13000064883/posner-group-llc.html Sahara-Karen Associates LLC and Mr. Sean Posner were contacted about multiple code violations on their land at 955 E Sahara Ave Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 Back in December. Squatters living on the land. and building illegal structures, at first it was just a few shopping carts, now 8 weeks later several make shift structures have been built, illegal dumping of human waste and debris on their 5 acres. John Tippins of Northcap was contacted over the months since the summer of 2017 as their management signs are on the land with no response. They first returned the call when they were told they are being reported for code violations. At the time in Early December, John Tippins stated he was traveling out the country and could not do anything until after the holidays and to call metro 311 or the County. he was informed it’s the land owners responsibility as that Metro will not do anything as this is a private land matter. It was suggested to have their security trespass the squatters at the time only a few now over 1 dozen. then to have the debris removed and secure the site. Again, our office reached out after the holiday and still no action taken. This matter which should have been resolved in days has turned into Two months and still unresolved as of today 1/29/2018. Formal complaints have been made to BBB, Clark County Code Enforcement and The Fire Department, by our office and surrounding business and property management companies. Their land is the only parcel not being properly maintained in our plaza at 953 Sahara and surrounding offices we have over 100 active tenants and over 500 employees with about 25 property owners of over 28 acres and 1000 parking lot. 955 E Sahara is adjacent to us connected by a central parking lot It is sad that this Historic Site once the prestigious Vegas Village building from 1963 was torn down in favor of a high rise community in 2007 that never got off the ground, it is the only parcel in the causing blight in the area. We cannot recommend these companies or individuals Sean Posner, Posner Group, John Tippins, Northcap for their lack of care, empathy, and irresponsible business practices, had this situation developed in front of their office it would have been handled quickly and efficiently. This comment if for public information purposes as to the management and practice of the Posner Group and Sean Posner Owner of 955 e Sahara as listed on Deed of 2007 with Clark County, and John Tippins whose for sale/lease sign are installed on the property. The condition of the site goes against our neighborhood standards and has caused a loss of business and reputation to the neighborhood. An ongoing neighborhood cleanup and beautification project has been ongoing since 2006. They were informed about these efforts by the association and never returned the calls or emails. Please help get the word out about these companies and what has happened, we hope they never do this again to anyone and hurt the community and small business owners as they have. They have yet to make a formal apology or take responsibility for their land, instead forcing the county to clean up the area and fine them. Thank you Sincerely Paula Sadler President & Founder Commercialcenterdistrict.com Commercial Center Business Association A Harmony Nail Spa 702-737-3478
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FOR IMMEIDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                    CONTACT:

Paula Sadler

The Commercial Center District

953 E Sahara Ave E-11A

Las Vegas, Nevada 89104



 Tel: 702-737-3478 Fax 702-792-7519














Commercial Center - recently known as The District at Commercial Center SINCE 2007 – has reinvented itself yet again! NOW…WELCOME







A name is more than just a moniker, nor simply a word to identify something.  It can also bring an entity to life.  Conjure up an array of thoughts, images, emotions, excitement and desire. 

All successful entities remain so because they keep reinventing themselves.  Las Vegas has done this more than any other city in the country.  And the historic Commercial Center is continuing this trend.


Commercial Center was established in 1960.  No other Shopping center in Las Vegas has lasted nearly so long!  Rich in heritage Clark County & Las Vegas is fortunate to have a local treasure so relevant to our past, present and future. 

The Commercial Center offers a wonderful mix of diverse cultural businesses.  There are over 150 independent restaurants, shops, stores and establishments representing at least 15 countries & numerous diversities. Women and ethnic minorities help comprise a diverse, eclectic shopping center experience


Unlike many historic eastern cities, the short 100 year history of Las Vegas has few landmarks approaching the half century mark.


According to Las Vegas Citylife magazine “Commercial Center is one of the city’s most quirky, vibrant treasures.” (January 2009). 


Business is booming thank is part to the new business association lead by Paula Sadler, owner of A Harmony Nail Spa.  She has spearheaded numerous revitalizing projects over the past two years that have greatly improved the area.


So to kick off the Season Commercial Center Business Association is sponsoring a spring extravaganza, & community fundraiser to improve the area.  The Open House will feature a raffle, refreshments, music and more. Free prizes to the first 100 to arrive at the visitors center E-11A on Friday & Saturday April 24th-25th 12pm to 7pm. This will be a celebration of life.  Experience what everyone is raving about. New Website www.commercialcenterdistrict.com  and new blog site coming soon www.thedistrictatcc.com/blog



















 $1,000,000.00  Buy Now 
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